Containerized Substations

The Containerized Building is the perfect solution for nowadays construction needs. With the cost of standard construction escalating at a rapid pace, the steel “LEGO” block invades the traditional construction terminology and the containers used for transport proved to be the preferred solution without limitation.

With each 20ft container of 160sqft and 40ft with 320sqft in area, the right combination of containerized construction can generate any amount of space required; or, alternatively new construction can be fabricated from scratch to suit your requirements anywhere.

Mobility : is another great attraction for the ‘’container’’ based construction. It allows the reusability of the land. The construction can easily be transported to another site to be reused; whether inland or offshore.

Durability : Containers are modular, waterproof, and strong ‘Corten’ steel (weathering steel) structures that can be stacked up on a static base, i.e. on land. These containers can be used to build structures of over 14 units tall.

Containers can be viewed as Pre-Fab steel structures or built from scratch. They are one of the modern day engineering masterpieces. With its simplicity in design and its superior functional capabilities, the container is designed to handle more forces than most of nowadays constructions. The extreme forces that a container is exposed to exceed by far the dynamic forces encountered during an earthquake when the container is on land.

ARISON Gulf’s steel constructions are considered as a “green product”. This is the only product that can pay its way for recycling at the end of its use. Our products can be integrated with environmentally friendly solutions such as: solar energy panels, water treatment plants, and energy efficient interior. With its strong structural framework, the product is truly a plug and play system that can be transported anywhere.

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