Ductile Iron Pipes and Fittings

Ductile iron ( socket and spigot) pipes are manufactured by centrifugal process to meet in every aspect the requirements of international standards PSO 2531 and BS EN454:2002

Internal Lining

Pipes are lined internally with Portland cement (sulfate resistant type V). Cement is applied by centrifugal process in compliance with ISO 4179 and BSEN standards. On request, a seal coat of bituminous coating can be applied on the cement.

External Coating

Pipes are coated externally by pure metallic zinc (minimum 99.995 purity) at a rate of 130 gm/m, the requirements of ISO 8179 Zinc is then covered by not less than 70 microns of bituminous paint as per ISO 8179-1 to ensure mortar firm, dense, smooth and adhesive on request, other thickness can be applied. Spools and fittings are quoted internally and externally by fusion bond epoxy 300 micron as specified by Governmental Authorities


Standard 2 GS push- on joint


  • Drinking and irrigation water
  • Sewer water
  • Fire fighting systems
  • Transmission of gas and fuel