Arison Gulf is strongly committed to ensure the occupational health, safety, and welfare of our employees, contractors and other interested parties at all time. We are also committed to reduce the impacts associated with our activities.

Arison Gulf strive to:

  • Establish, implement and maintain HSE Management System in such a way that Occupational Illness and Injuries can be minimized and our activities are performed without affecting the environment.
  • Ensure the sufficient resources are available for implementing, maintaining, an HSE Management System and work activities for better level of HSE Performance.
  • Comply with all applicable federal and local legal, statutory and other requirements to which Arison Gulf subscribes.
  • Continually monitor and improve the HSE performance
  • Protect the environment in which it operates by minimizing pollution( emission to air, land and water) and reducing the visual impact of its operations.
  • Set clear ambitious measurable and inspiring objectives and targets along with resources for achievement, reviewing, and monitoring the performance of HSEMS.
  • Ensure the employees are competent through trainings and development and working in environment of trust with personal integrity mutual respect and open communication.