We supply valves that are supported by accredited quality assurance system to different and various international norms, standards and rating. Valves are suitable for a wide variety of fluids including chilled water, cold water, fuel oils, air and steam and in accordance with environmental regulations. Various temperatures and testing pressure rating and sizes to meet all application and working conditions

Different Material

Cast Iron, Ductile Iron, Bronze, Brass, Stainless Steel

Performance Range

  • Rating PN10-PN64
  • Size range 50 mm to 2200 mm



Intelligently manufactured and supplied for the heavy duty valve market, electric value actuators, pneumatic and hydraulic actuators, gearbox assemblies ,valve position monitor, damper actuators and control systems


  • In filed of value and damper automation for the oil, gas, power, water and waste treatment industries
  • For any application having electric, fluid power, specialist gear or valve adaptation products and services.